Give life to your digital creations

Sensor Box is a powerful tool that allows you to integrate your virtual ideas into their physical environment. It’s the simple and robust interface between a large panel of sensors and your favorite creativity software.

Standardised connectors

XLR input

RJ45 output

OSC / MIDI communication

Large panel of sensors

  • Infrared sensor: to detect presence from a distance
  • Inductive sensor: to detect metallic contact
  • Capacitive sensor: to detect a finger or a hand
  • Button: to detect a press

Sensor Box is very versatile and can accept any 5V or 12V sensor on the market.

Simply connect a sensor to Sensor Box and instantly get a signal that you can use in Mad Mapper, Modul8, GrandMA or other similar software.

Easy configuration

Our web interface allows fast and easy configuration. A Wi-Fi hotspot is integrated for on-the-go management.

Try it!

Sensor Box is available for rental or purchase, in 2 or 24 port versions. Contact us to learn more!