Half-way between social network and digital memory, the Interactive Scrapbook is the fun new activity for your event!

It allows you to easily display photos and messages from your guests.

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All it takes your guests is to visit a website or touch-screen that will directly start an application. They will then be able to publish whatever they want without registration or download. All the content is displayed instantly, and you can easily remove inappropriate content using our moderation tool.

No registration or download required


Create more memories

Messages, photos and private jokes

Your guests will quickly start having fun by challenging each other to photo contests. It’s the perfect activity to brighten those more quiet moments. Our Interactive Scrapbook does not require any work. Just plug in the box that we send you to any screen or projector, and you’re set!

As well as being a fun and personal decoration, your guests will be able to create memories during your whole event. Unforgettable memories that you can keep preciously.

A perfect solution to involve your guests! Our Interactive Scrapbook is available starting at CHF 300.- per screen, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and a free quote!

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Interactive Scrapbook

Includes our software pre-installed on a micro computer. Sent by post, ready to be plugged in!

CHF 300.-

Custom design

Although you can easily customise it yourself, we can help you go a little further by matching your event’s graphic design.

starting at CHF 110.-


A Full HD 42 inch flat-screen that can be laid on a table.

CHF 55.-


Short-throw 3000 lumen projector, to project on a wall

CHF 55.-

Photos download

Download all your digital memories! Ideal for a paper souvenir album.

CHF 55.-

Your .ch domain name

A simple way to tell your guests where to go to post, for example: paul-and-marianne.ch
Ask us for availability

CHF 55.-

Printed photos

Get a timeless copy of your memories. We send your photos by post printed on high quality photo paper, with or without messages.

CHF 55.- / 50 photos


Ask us an offer, it’s free! Let us know when and where your event will take place, as well as which options you are interested in.

We will answer you within 24 hours with all the info you need.

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